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Do you want to boost your sales figures? Find out how you can improve employees’ cross and upsell skills, generate leads, improve the use of CRM tooling and increase conversions.

Optimize Employability?

Would you like to ensure an efficient onboarding process for your new employees? Or are you interested to boost learning & development of your existing staff?

Customer engagement?

Do you want to achieve ‘engagement’, activate your target audience and, in the meantime, communicate your brand promises? Learn more about Customer Engagement.

OperationAL ExcelLence?

How do you engage your employees? How do you create a positive attitude and help your employees to adjust their behaviour and develop the necessary skills?

Improve Leadership?

Leadership and management are not automatically the same thing. This is exactly why you want to help your managers to continue to develop their leadership qualities. How can you do this?

AtHand: The Power of Play

“Helping people and organisations to achieve their goals through the smart use of play.”

Here at AtHand, we believe that there’s no greater strength than the power of play. Play helps us to engage in social interaction, develop new skills, excel and achieve our goals. This is why we feel that gamification should be used on a structural basis, to put people in a position to learn and perform better, strengthen relationships between themselves and others and make coaching more effective. AtHand has a second-to-none understanding of the rules necessary to ensure the successful use of gamification. Our job is to help organisations successfully use play as a tool, which we do by providing them with the best tooling and expertise possible and a wealth of experience too. Relevance, motivation, clear goals and the achievement of measurable results are always key. Last, but not least, while working together to achieve our goals in a surprisingly effective way… we also make learning, performing, working and changing together even more fun than it was before.

ACE! Platform Stats

Our ACE! Platform is deployed in different countries and we support multiple languages. We can proudly say that our games are played by thousands of employees from different companies at the same time. From Amsterdam we continuously work on improvements and changes so that we can respond well to the needs in the market.



ACE! Platform users

Gamification Workshop

Would you like to learn how to utilise the power of play for yourself? Would you like to understand the opportunities and pitfalls of gamification, the do’s & don’ts, the practical preconditions and the impact and results to be expected? We are pleased to help you achieve all of the above by sharing our knowledge and experience with you in our popular monthly workshops. Register via the button below.