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Boost sales?

Find out here how you can improve employees’ cross and upsell skills, generate leads, improve the use of CRM tooling and increase conversion.


Do you want to offer your new employees a smooth onboarding process? Or do you want to challenge your existing population to improve knowledge and performance?


Looking to increase “engagement”? Get your target group moving whilst transferring your brand promises. And generate relevant leads and traffic that lead to measurable results.

Change Management

How do you increase acceptance for changes? How do you ensure a positive attitude?


Good leadership has a huge positive effect on your organization. How do you help managers to further develop their leadership qualities?

“We help our customers achieve their goals and we do that through the clever use of play

AtHand: The Power of Play

We help our customers achieve their goals and we do that through the clever use of play.

We believe in the Power of Play. Play helps to engage in social interaction, to develop new skills, to rise above ourselves and to achieve our goals. At AtHand we therefore believe that gamification should be applied structurally to help people learn and perform better. Based on our extensive experience, we know the rules for successfully deploying gamification like no other and we have the best possible tooling and craftsmanship to do just that. Relevance, motivation, clear objectives and achieving measurable results are paramount. And in the meantime we make learning, performing, working and changing – together – a lot more fun!

The statistics of our ACE! Platform

Our ACE! Platform is deployed in different countries and we support multiple languages. We are proud that our games are played simultaneously by thousands of employees from different companies worldwide. From our offices in Amsterdam we are constantly working on improvements and changes so that we can respond well to the needs of our customers.



ACE! Platform users

Gamification workshop

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