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The Power of Play sinds 2003
AtHand was founded by Marcel Mens at the beginning of 2003. After having been responsible for communication and training, etc. in various marketing roles in the telecom industry for some 10 years, he felt that the time had come for a change. ‘Communication and training should focus directly on the activation of behaviour. We have to stop blindly transmitting and entice target audiences to commit to behavioural change. This also means focusing on the achievement of clear and measurable goals’. This was and still is the starting point for AtHand.

AtHand was known primarily as an activation agency for the first 10 years and provided a wide range of services to clients like Vodafone, Ahold, BlackBerry, LG, Sony and KPN. In 2014, its increasing delivery of successful, large-scale gamification processes prompted a change in course. AtHand decided to specialise in its own gamification methodology and a team of enthusiastic programmers started to build the AtHand Communications and Engagement Platform. <ACE!> was born, making scalability and predictable results possible and also the quick and cost-efficient roll out of successful, large-scale processes. AtHand has been part of the Smart Ventures group since 2016. The company operates internationally and is considered to be one of Europe’s leading gamification specialists.

“I once trained as a PE teacher and worked with children with learning difficulties. We continually used play as a way to help these children to work together better, communicate respectfully and improve their self confidence; so, really, gamification is nothing new …’ Marcel Mens, founder of AtHand.