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ACE! Platform

Let’s Play!

Clients often tell us that they expect gamification to be expensive, complex, inaccessible and non-scalable. Here at AtHand, our ACE! Platform enables us to avoid all of the above. A number of (functional) games are available from this platform. By customising it to reflect your organisation and goals and implementing your KPIs and content, we create a unique and effective game for you. The result? Standard software, a customised game and a competitive licence fee.

The structural use of gamification

Many of our clients opt to use our games on a structural basis, as part of which various goals may be key. AtHand Games can help you to:

  • Support an implementation process and focus on the achievement of behavioural change;
  • Improve your customer satisfaction (NPS);
  • Boost your sales on a structural basis;
  • Onboard new colleagues and raise the game of existing colleagues;
  • Help your management team develop as leaders.

Our ACE! platform makes it easy to configure new games, change game themes and game play and update content. Our gamification consultants are also pleased to take care of everything for you, should you wish. Alternatively, why not have your own Game Manager trained up and use our tooling independently?


We are always looking for ways to improve

It’s important to us to listen to what our clients have to say. We use their feedback to optimise our games wherever possible. With this in mind, our game designers are constantly hard at work to make our ACE! Platform and games even better than it already is. This culminates in the structural delivery of new functionalities, new game play, new game themes, technical updates, reports and management tools. All at no additional cost to clients.