We just entered a new year: 2022. Before we dive into new excitement, projects, and meetings, we wanted to take our time to look back and reflect on the year that’s behind us. 2021 was for everyone a tumultuous year, but not without occasions worthy of celebration.
AtHand Serious Games did not idle in 2021: we saw partners come and go, learned new things, innovated on our platform and participated in events. We’d like to share with you our 2021 in order to look forward to a successful and playful new year!


In January 2021 we launched the game “Let’s make it secure” for KPN. Due to this game, KPN employees were able to practice with the 5 most important security procedures within the company. It was a great success, as one of the participants described it: “I thought the repetition of the quiz questions and rallies really solidified my understanding of the KPN topics. IT was put into my subconscious after so many rallies. It is a good way to ensure things get remembered!”.

LMS Gamified



In collaboration with Veilig Verkeer Nederland, AtHand developed a game to instruct food delivery drivers in how to safely participate in traffic. From within all chains affiliated with the Dutch Association of Food Delivery Services (Nederlandse Vereniging van Maaltijdbezorgers/NLVVM), over 20.000 people participated! The game turned out to be a great success and was even discussed on television.

Food delivery, eten bezorgen en veiligheid op de weg



De Friesland
Fun is a core value at De Friesland’s costumer contact service. Time after time, this healthcare insurer has been scoring high with the quality of its services and overall customer appreciation. In order to stay ahead of the competition and keep innovating, De Friesland found a loyal partner in AtHand to bring forth a serious game about improving on conversation skills and customer service for employees. Read more about this game in this article from Customer First.



AtHand introduces the “All Aboard” game
Covid-19 is still around, but vaccinating people is a positive step towards going back to ‘normal’: from working at home to returning to the office, allowing us to meet up with colleagues and friends again. We are in a time of uncertainty: when do we decide to start working at the office again and how? Who is required to return to the office and who will be able to decide for themselves? What about the code of conduct?
The ‘All Aboard’ Game provides the right tools and information to answer these questions and set up a plan to support an efficient transition to a new (or old?) situation!



AtHand supports the Klantcontact Quiz
Which customer contact centre or organization proves to have the best conversational skills and knowledge of the right customer contact approach? The Customer Contact Quiz is a free and returning online event, built entirely around our ACE! Platform since 2021. During the Quiz, all participants are tested and trained to become even better at supporting customers. The 2021 version of the Customer Contact Quiz attracted almost 1.800 players from a total of 70 organisations, making it a huge success. Check out this link for more information.



Learning Technology Awards
We are honoured to announce that AtHand was selected for 3 Learning Technology Awards! Thanks to the games we built with VodafoneZiggo, KPN and Oculus Insights, we were nominated for the Learning Technology Awards in the following categories:

– Best Learning technologies project – Commercial sector
– Best use of social and collaborative learning technologies
– Most innovative new learning technologies product



Building bridges with the Stakeholder module
Naturally, the development and innovation of our product never ceases. At the start of 2021 we launched a brand new game module called the Stakeholder module. With this element, the player is encouraged to form their opinion about a certain dilemma, considering their own point of view. After that, they are confronted with a number of stakeholders with their own thoughts in the matter. The player learns to understand different understandings of the same subject and to know how to act on what each participant thinks is right. The Stakeholder module has been used several times within Compliance and Security games this year.



Parlez-vous Français?
People engaging with our ACE! Platform come from all over the world, meaning that English is not necessarily their preferred language. Expanding our possibilities, we decided to incorporate multiple different languages in a game to make running it for diverse groups of participants a possibility.




Start connecting with the new User Management API
The new User Management API opens up the possibility to manage user accounts from a remote application. The extensive developer’s documentation is now accessible through the control panel. As a result, all settings (such as the ability to test different user requests) can be viewed and controlled from a company’s own administration system.


We kijken uit naar een succesvol 2022. Let’s Play!