Reach your compliance goals with game-based learning


Helping employees to view the correct knowledge of laws and regulations as useful for their job, instead of letting them think about compliance reluctantly. That’s what will help you reach your compliance goals. With game-based learning, you’ll address your employees’ intrinsic motivation, which will deliver immediate results.

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“We are very content with our collaboration with AtHand. The ‘Personal Leadership Game’ was played abundantly and helped our people to understand their personal strengths and weaknesses. The game created a culture in which giving and receiving feedback occurs way more often than before.”


“The levels are varied, very instructive and contain lots of game elements. It’s unavoidable to try and improve your score in battles and quizzes. It’s simply a lot of fun to do.”

For many companies, the dilemma is evident:

How will we motivate our employees to excel in their exams and to actually understand what the curriculum is about and why it’s important? Will they actually know how to apply the subject matter into real work situations and dilemmas?
Focusing on intrinsic motivation is key. People who want to learn, develop faster and better than people who are forced to. The power of game-based learning lies in arousing an internal drive to improve skills and knowledge.

Practicing dilemmas

To practice compliance dilemmas in a safe environment, AtHand created the Stakeholders Module. All issued dilemmas clarify a person’s role and position with respect to other stakeholders in a playful way. Moral dilemma’s? Tricky propositions? They are all present for safe practice while having fun.

Everybody needs to deal with compliance. It’s often needed for all employees to take an exam regarding the subject. To lighten up the complex and tedious curriculum, AtHand uses game elements. It’s 100% scalable, so everybody can join in and challenge each other to ‘knowledge battles’. All this strengthens the learning effect… and makes it fun! Which is not unimportant for keeping people motivated.

Stakeholder module

De statistics of our ACE! Platform

Our ACE! Platform is used in multiple different countries and supports 6 different languages. We are proud that are games are being played by thousands of employees, from a variety of companies, at a time. Located in Amsterdam, AtHand is always working on improvements and changes in the platform, so we can keep on delivering what’s expected and needed.

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