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ACE! Platform

Game Themes

A number of game themes are possible for most (functional) games on the ACE! Platform. Each theme has its own storyline and look-and-feel. Whereas a game like Champs has a primarily competitive slant, Globetrotters is all about team work and helping each other. In the Globetrotters game, investigators focus more on gathering clues and working together to solve a challenging and difficult puzzle. This enables you to serve a number of different target audiences and gives you the opportunity for huge game-play variation. However, all of the themes have one thing in common: success in the game is achieved by making visible progress with work-related learning and performance. So, game content is always determined … by you. You benefit from standard software and a customised game.


The city has been attacked by Evil Edgar and it’s up to the players to save each of its districts from certain destruction. These districts correspond with the organisational themes relevant for players’ development. A cartoonesque superhero created by the players  is key to game play. Coaches can hand out badges that reward specific behaviour on the work floor. Players can also prepare to take on Evil Edgar by practising in short (knowledge) battles against other ‘superheroes’ (their colleagues).
Heroes Game


As part of the Champs theme, players are challenged to play a fictitious sports tournament on a tropical island. During this tournament, various sports disciplines emerge that correspond with organisational themes that are relevant for players’ development. To ensure that they prepare properly for the tournament, players are able to ‘train’ against each other, during which knowledge of the subjects in question is assessed in short, 40 to 60-second battles. Coaches are also able to award trophies that reward specific behaviour on the work floor with extra points.
Champs Game


As part of the Globetrotters theme, players are challenged to travel the world together. Players visit a number of countries in each continent and receive virtual souvenirs along the way. The various countries correspond with organisational themes that are relevant for players’ development. In this theme, team work is more important than the competitive element. The goal is for players to help each other learn and perform and to travel the world together.
Globetrotter Game

League of Leaders

The League of Leaders theme is available exclusively for the Leadership Game. This league, which is a little mysterious, believes that leadership is not about pointing out what an employee is not doing well, or attending endless meetings, and that the time has come for change. Are you open to feedback? Are you willing to make yourself vulnerable and develop your leadership skills? If so, you’re welcome to join the League of Leaders.
League of Leaders Game


A person has gone missing in mysterious circumstances and players are challenged to solve this case on the basis of a number of clues that they are able to collect during the game. These clues can be earned by playing short knowledge battles and demonstrating the behaviour envisaged on the work floor. This theme has a cinematic look and feel and a more serious undertone than our other game plays.
Globetrotter Game

Super stars

Congratulations! You are invited to the most popular music show in the world: ‘Super Stars’. In this theme players will compete against the biggest stars in their own music scenes! So warm up your voice, wear your most striking outfit and grab your mic, because this tower is ready for the best talent to put together an unforgettable show! This theme is well suited for targeting people who are already good at their job but want to accelerate to a higher level of performance.

League of Leaders Game