What do Foursquare, Duolingo, Nike+ Running App and Amazon.com have in common? They are examples of online Gamification applications that use incentives to bring about a certain change in mentality.

While the above applications are consumer-oriented, Gamification is at least as suitable for work-related purposes. From a business point of view, Gamification offers the following major benefits:

  • Gamification makes the onboarding process 20% more efficient on average
  • With Gamification, sales people achieve on average a 27% higher conversion rate
  • With Gamification, call center employees achieve on average a 16% higher NPS

In this article we will be sharing the main uses of Gamification using two examples from the insurance world.

Gamification example 1: onboarding of employees

The Gamification method involves giving each new team member a personal and effective onboarding, without making intensive use of the current workforce, as De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar is proving. This approach has also led to a higher retention of its staff.

That’s impressive when you think that customer contact centers traditionally have a high turnover rate. Add to this the fact that due to market conditions, changes in premiums and policy conditions are only passed on last-minute, which makes a quick onboarding procedure a strict requirement. These factors mean it is a challenge each year to get customer service agents ready for the new season before the healthcare peak.

Heroes Game Collage

With the policy changes just around the corner, within a period of only five weeks AtHand realized a clear increase in the knowledge and skills of the call center agents of De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar. This enabled the insurer to be well prepared for the busiest period of the year.

“The customer agents not only knew the policy changes from A to Z, but were also more capable of providing extra services, such as offering additional insurance products.”

In De Friesland Heroes about 100 employees collected points on various KPIs that were included in the Game. By participating in knowledge battles and exams they improved the NPS and became proficient in drawing up quotations and recognizing customer signals.

An effective approach:

  • More than 70% of the participants stated that the Game contributed to easier handling of calls and emails;
  • 80% noted that the Game effectively contributed to achieving comprehensive knowledge of the policy changes

Gamification example 2: improving performance

Gamification is not only suitable for onboarding new employees, but also for change processes and performance improvement for existing employees.

Where the activities of De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar took place in an office setting, the collective training of sales staff in Univé stores presented an additional challenge, given the geographical spread of the more than 100 stores.

With the rollout of Univé Champs, physical participation in a set training location was no longer a requirement. Because AtHand Gamification processes take place online, each participant and tutor can participate remotely.

In Univé Champs, store employees were challenged to strengthen their omni-channel related knowledge and skills. The Game dealt extensively with the question of what role Univé stores should play within the omni-channel landscape in order to become more complementary to the insurer’s online services.

Over a period of nine weeks, the participating store teams were invited to think about a suitable follow-up process. In six stages – from brainstorming to the actual experiment – they gained valuable insights to further shape and implement the omni-channel strategy.

The participating teams were able to earn points and achievements for the realization of these stages, with the best performing team crowned Univé Champ. This competitive element brought out the best in the teams, as the results show.

“During Univé Champs a total of 104 ideas were developed, 24 experiments were carried out and 6,751 knowledge battles were played.”

The learnings from the Games from AtHand effectively contribute to the business intelligence of your company.

Gamification examples done the right way

Are you also ready to successfully communicate your business objectives to your staff? For anyone who wants to facilitate onboarding or implement performance improvements, Gamification offers the solution. AtHand Games provide help with aspects such as:

  • Analyzing and implementing personal development goals in the workplace;
  • Improving communication and cooperation between staff members;
  • Formulate clear behavioral objectives for personnel

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