Do you want to increase the long-term commitment of staff to your company, and achieve an optimum return from them, in an interactive and challenging way? The Gamification methodology includes all the components for forging a rock-solid team, making it perfect for use in recruitment. We share two ways in which Gamification structurally improves recruitment.

1.    Gamification for corporate recruitment

gamification corporate recruitmentWith the right tooling, corporate recruiters can assess in advance whether a candidate matches their expectations. A resumé or application letter provides a rough estimate of a candidate’s skills, but gives little indication of their personality traits, or things like knowledge readiness.

Online knowledge portals and digital assessments help to assess whether there is a match between the company and the candidate prior to and during the application procedure, respectively. By designing this tooling according to the Gamification method, a unique filter mechanism is created from which both benefit:

  • HR can screen prospective candidates for the characteristics relevant to the position before the first round of interviews. This reveals whether the company standards and values are reflected in the candidate’s behavior. Only the most promising candidates are then invited for an interview, so that the recruitment process is cost and time-efficient;
  • This approach also allows prospective candidates to better discover whether the organization suits them. Games are very effective for introducing them to the corporate culture. When going through the Game, the candidate discovers at an early stage and in an interactive way whether the position matches his or her ambitions and expectations. With good and realistic expectation management, they remain in employment for longer after contracting.

This method filters out mismatches.

“A mismatch between candidates and employers can easily cost tens of thousands of euros per candidate due to reduced productivity and additional recruitment costs” – CompanyMatch

2.   Gamification for recruitment agencies

gamification recruitment agencyEmployment agencies such as temporary employment and secondment agencies also benefit from Gamification, albeit for existing work processes, i.e. for onboarding and employability purposes.

For recruiters, and especially for those just starting out, finding new talent in sectors with a high level of scarcity is quite the challenge. Gamification helps them in a short period of time to acquire knowledge and skills relating to recruitment and selection and to implement the desired change in mentality. This makes it possible to speed up learning and familiarization processes by approximately 20%.

What makes Gamification such a powerful method for this?

  • Games invite you to learn. Various reward mechanisms, such as badges, achievements and social recognition from colleagues and managers, make learning an interesting and rewarding activity that encourages repetition. This enhances the learning process and makes knowledge and skills faster to acquire and more quickly deployable;
  • Games promote personal ownership. Because employees take responsibility from the start for their own learning development and functioning within the company, proactive behavior is promoted;
  • Games use (healthy) competition elements. With leader boards displaying both their own scores and those of colleagues, the perseverance of the participants is actively addressed. The same goes for their ingenuity to keep improving the scores. This same attitude forms the basis for the hunter’s mentality that is needed to look for the right candidates in a targeted manner.

Structural improvement of recruitment processes

AtHand’s Gamification software lays the foundation for optimum recruitment processes. With our methodology you optimize existing work and learning processes and strengthen the commitment of both new and existing employees to your company effectively.

This is what makes us your #1 Gamification specialist