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The Power of Play

Realize a smooth implementation of learning and change processes in the workplace. AtHand’s Gamification software is ideal for businesses that are engaged in knowledge acceleration and want to benefit from this in the short term.

Accessible Gamification software

If you have been given the impression that Gamification is expensive, complex and difficult to implement, then we at AtHand are keen to prove this wrong. Accessibility is the top priority for our Gamification software.

Based on standard software, we deliver Games with custom content. Using this approach we develop unique and effective Games that are 100% in line with the goals and culture of your organization. With the major advantage that you don’t have to deal with the high development costs involved when building a Game from scratch. 

How our Gamification software works

Our Gamification software is based on the following principles:

1.    The basis: formulating clear objectives

We are convinced that the success of a Gamification process depends on a clear demarcation of your business objectives. In this context, AtHand has developed gaming applications in the areas of sales enhancement, onboarding, leadership development and change management.

2.    The goal: setting up measurable KPIs

In order to ascertain whether a Game is having an effect, it is important that the Gamification software used allows you to monitor the progress of the learning and development goals. Do priorities include improving customer satisfaction or the cooperation between team members? Are there sales or turnover targets you want to work towards?

Define relevant KPIs on the basis of which you normally assess your employees and have these as the main themes of the Game.

3.   The look and feel: choosing an appropriate interface

ACE! – our modular Gamification platform – is designed around the four aforementioned goals. The platform consists of easy-to-configure modules aimed at knowledge acquisition, skills improvement and behavioral change. AtHand Games offer a range of different Game themes with inspiring storylines to make learning and development more fun and effective. Game elements such as scores, badges and leader boards motivate participants to gain knowledge and skills and to progress.

4.   The analysis: guiding /changing course through real-time performance management

Data about the KPIs relevant to your company can be viewed for each individual as well as at the meta level. And that’s not all: the self-learning algorithms of AtHand Games immediately identify for each individual what the bottlenecks are and where the learning needs are greatest. The personalized learning path resulting from this guides users wholly autonomously towards expanding the required knowledge and skills. An additional advantage of this computer-controlled process is that there is no need for continuous 1-on-1 guidance from managers in order to roll out training effectively.

For whom is our Gamification software suitable?

AtHand Games can be used for a wide range of services and sectors. AtHand has a suitable solution for every industry and customer. We are particularly active in the following fields:

  • Healthcare – The adaptive Healthcare Games of AtHand put you in control in terms of the massive changes taking place in healthcare, now and in the future;
  • Education – Using the ACE! Platform we are successfully using The Power of Play in secondary education;
  • Insurance – For insurance companies, we use Gamification to streamline and improve their service offerings. Among other things, we provide an accelerated learning process for new regulations and insurance products in the run up to the annual care peak;
  • Telecom – For several telecom providers we effectively use Gamification for increasing generation of sales and revenue for their services;
  • Government – Our Government Games structurally and rapidly increase the employability of civil servants, so that government institutions can operate as agile, high-performance organizations.
Onze methodiek

Cloud-based, so available ‘on-the-go’

AtHand Games are cloud-based and therefore offer a high level of accessibility. The learning modules are digital and invite users to play with them ‘in between’ other activities and separate from the workplace. The Games are accessible on desktop, tablet and smartphone. As long as a working internet connection is available, the user only needs a URL to be able to use the Game. The Game Master takes care of the distribution of this URL, along with associated and personal activation codes for all participants.

Games that adapt to your needs

Working in a rapidly changing playing field requires great agility, both from organizations and their employees. The Games of AtHand ensure that companies are flexible in their learning offerings. Once the game has been set up, it can be extended to other game concepts and learning objectives with a number of small adaptations. The content within the learning modules is customizable, so you always stay up-to-date with the latest developments. Using the same principle it is also possible to deploy the Games for other departments within the organization. So scaling up is within easy reach.



Linking to existing systems

Are you already using existing reporting systems, e-learning platforms and/or Single-Sign-On solutions? We ensure seamless integration with the Game Interface. In general, these are custom-made projects that we can realize within a few weeks.

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