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The Power of Play

We are AtHand. We started in 2003 as an activation agency and have grown in the market as a Gamification specialist. We are constantly looking for the best way to get your employees and your target group moving.

Your Gamification specialist

We ensure engagement and at the same time make your brand promises crystal clear, both internally and externally. We have been doing this for years – with great success – from our office in Amsterdam. Our fanatical, creative and enthusiastic team is ready to translate your ambition and goals into concrete, measurable results.

Don’t dictate, stimulate

Anyone who wants to improve learning and performance in the workplace or wants to bring about a change in behavior must know the laws of ‘play’. We are convinced of this. Being part of an experience, after all, has much more effect than endlessly transmitting and convincing.

The interactive and immersive gaming elements in our Gamification approach not only guarantee a pleasant gaming experience, but above all strengthen the intrinsic motivation of the participants.

Completing challenges and seeing the results works as an incentive to continue developing and making progress. Are the scores for the game elements a little lower sometimes? Lower scores lead to extra motivation to take action. This achieves a high learning efficiency.

Because employees are given the freedom and confidence to follow their own learning plan in this process, they are motivated now and in the future to work towards their own – and collective – success. After all, you succeed and celebrate together.

Games designed according to your ambition 

We help our clients achieve their goals through the smart use of play. Our Games are designed according to your ambition. We specialize in game development for the following four business goals:

  • Employability. These Games are aimed at more efficient onboarding, and at the professional growth of employees;
  • Operational. This type of Games supports change management, the implementation of new systems and the improvement of KPIs;
  • Commercial. A series of Games that increases sales, supports product launches (brand activation) and improves commercial skills and results;
  • Leadership. In the field of leadership we offer blended programs for the (further) development of leadership.
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 Gamification AtHand style: accessibility is top priority

ACE! – our modular Gamification platform – consists of easy-to-configure games designed around the above-mentioned business goals. Accessibility is the top priority in this.

After selecting the right business goal, we determine the most suitable Game configuration. The modules focus on teaching knowledge, improving skills and changing behavior. The central points of departure in this are always sharing tips and rewarding achieved results.

Finally, the desired Game Theme is selected. AtHand Games offer a range of different themes to choose from. Based on the accompanying storyline, players are motivated to gain work-related knowledge and put behavioral change into practice. The progress of the participant is converted into a game score.

ACE! makes learning and development more fun, more measurable and more effective.

ACE! Platform
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Complex? Of course not!

If you have been given the impression that Gamification is expensive, complex and difficult to implement, then we at AtHand are keen to prove this wrong.

  • Our Games are affordable. Based on standard software, we supply custom Games. This makes it possible to create a unique and effective Game that matches your business goals and corporate culture, without the high initial costs associated with a Game that has to be developed from scratch;
  • Our Games are accessible. You don’t have to be a die-hard gamer to understand the Games. Far from it. Our Games have intuitive controls and are easy to play;
  • Our Games can be used in a wide range of situations. The Games work on any device with an internet connection. On a PC, tablet or smartphone; anyone can use them. Anywhere in the world;
  • Our Games are scalable. Once the game has been set up, it can be extended to other game concepts and learning objectives with a number of small changes. This enables you also to use the Games for other departments within the organization.

“AtHand always takes full responsibility for the good delivery of a project, which provides a great deal of peace and confidence.”.”

– Ole Hellfritzsch, Marketing Manager Benelux & Nordics, Plantronics

Tailor-made solutions for each sector and client 

AtHand Games can be used for a wide range of services – from increasing KPIs in customer contact centers to improving leadership skills among business managers. AtHand has a suitable solution for every sector and customer.

We are particularly active in the following fields:

  • Healthcare – From more effective and efficient onboarding in healthcare to change management, the adaptive Healthcare Games of AtHand put you in control in terms of the massive changes taking place in healthcare, now and in the future;
  • Insurance – For Univé, Zorgverzekeraar De Friesland and other insurance companies we have used Gamification to streamline and improve their services. For example, we help you to learn new regulations and insurance products in the run up to the annual care peak;
  • Telecom – For T-Mobile, VodafoneZiggo and other telecom providers we effectively use Gamification for increasing generation of sales and revenue for their services;
  • Government – Our Government Games help to structurally and rapidly increase the employability of civil servants. This enables government institutions to operate as agile, high-performance organizations.

Our customers

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Would you like to experience our Gamification approach for yourself?

We are happy to share our insights, experiences and learning points with you. For that reason, for years now we have been organizing a Gamification Workshop each month. This will give you the necessary insights and practical experiences to be able to get started with Gamification yourself.

Our Gamification Workshop is intended for:

  • professionals from business and the public sector who are professionally involved in people’s development;
  • consultants, trainers or managers who are involved in change management, improvement processes or other forms of behavioral change;
  • commercial managers who want to strengthen product knowledge and skills and look for new ways to boost their sales. 

Are you interested to find out more about the options for using gamification, and do you fall within our target group? Then you are more than welcome.