Someone might be a manager, but that’s doesn’t mean that they’re a leader too. This is exactly why you want to help your managers to continue to develop their leadership qualities. You will probably already know how much of a challenge this can be, as the ongoing development of personal leadership and communication skills is primarily achieved on the work floor, during working hours. Our Leadership Games help you to:

  • Understand personal development goals better and apply them on the work floor;
  • Convert the insights of theoretical models into specific behavioural goals and demonstrate them;
  • Make receiving feedback more relevant and enjoyable;
  • Provide a blended learning pathway in which we link theoretical knowledge, high-quality coaching and training to actual actions;
  • Make insight, growth and the coaching of personal leadership relevant, fun and specific straight away.

We do this by drawing on proven models and theories, like the Interpersonal Circumplex, core quadrants and situational leadership. The game also implements your existing coaching and knowledge resources, presenting them in an adaptive manner. The ultimate goal is to focus on the achievement of specific behavioural change in (middle) managers and, by doing this, support change processes. So, not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a personal, individual learning pathway focusing on the achievement of more effective leadership.

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