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AtHand Games

In recent years, the terms ‘serious games’ and Gamification’ have gained increasing prominence and recognition as effective tools for influencing knowledge, behaviour and skills.

So-called ‘serious games’ are usually defined as simulations designed to provide target audiences with an insight into (special) situations and to strengthen the learning effect achieved by providing a safe, but inspiring environment. Serious games are often played away from the actual workplace and usually don’t last long.

The term ‘gamification’ can be defined as ‘laying game mechanisms over reality’. Running and cycling apps, in which badges, ribbons and leaderboards are used to motivate users and show progress, are good examples of gamification.


“AtHand games focus on the achievement of behavioural change in practice, based on an inspiring storyline, motivational dashboards and a clear and measurable goal.”

AtHand games combine the best of both worlds. They have a clear start and end, a motivational storyline and challenge players on the basis of a (common) goal and a combination of competition and teamwork. The games literally lead players ‘by the hand’ through the development process, encourage and show progress, at both an individual and team level. Collective performance, mutual inspiration and intensive coaching all play an important role. Knowledge modules can be played away from the workplace; individual players decide where and when to do this. However, most progress will be achieved by converting ‘performance on the work floor’ into points for the game.


By uploading reports, KPIs and scores from audits into the game, which is very easy to do, AtHand Games is able to steer play in line with behaviour and (work) performance in a very targeted way. Managers act as coaches. The game automatically compels a proactive and very specific form of coaching that is positive by definition. So, besides directly influencing behaviour, on the work floor and during working hours, you are strengthening the coaching skills of your managers too. AtHand helps to ensure that coaches have a successful kick-off and briefing and guides them throughout the game.

Game configuration, storylines and player types

A number of (functional) games are available from the ACE! Platform. We create a unique and effective, customised game by configuring a game based entirely on your organisation and goals and your KPIs and content. So, you benefit from standardised, proven software and a customised game.

AtHand games are available with a number of game themes. Whichever theme you choose, the game inspires, facilitates the specification of appropriate learning and doing actions at the right time and ensures the achievement of measurable progress and a safe learning environment. So, substantive actions and content are always contributed by your organisation and help you to achieve your specific goals. ACE! enables you to easily vary your goal, configuration and game theme, because of which gamification becomes a learning and performance turbo that you are able to use on a structural basis.