Have you recruited a new employee and want to make sure that onboarding is as efficient as possible? Or, do you want to challenge existing employees to improve their knowledge and performance? Our Employability Games enable us to help you to:

  • Make the onboarding process faster and more fun for new colleagues.
  • Challenge existing colleagues to raise their game and perform even better.
  • Bring learning to the work floor and measurably improve performance in the meantime.
  • Ensure that new knowledge and skills are acquired by placing a ‘game layer’ over everyday reality.
  • Ensure that players achieve their personal goals step-by-step, in an inspiring, safe, fun and measurable way.

In our games, we draw on your existing coaching and knowledge resources, strengthen both and present them as part of an adaptive approach. The game strengthens relevant knowledge and skills and refers, individually, to the knowledge that you don’t have yet.

In this way, we are able to reduce the average onboarding time by about 20%. Employees perform better and faster, get to know the organisation better and … enjoy their work even more too. We achieve this aided by the 70-20-10 model. So, we don’t offer a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, but a personal, individual learning pathway that guarantees optimal relevance, coaching, job satisfaction and an optimal learning effect.

Improve Onboarding?

Do you want to ensure that new employees quickly achieve the desired business objectives? Want to shorten the training time of new employees by an average of 20%? And still ensure a higher staff retention?

In our white paper you can read how Gamification improves the onboarding process for new staff.

It’s all in the Game.

Employability Games

AtHand is able to offer clients three employability games, each of which is easy to customise, add your content to and modify to reflect the onboarding process you have in mind:

  • The Rookie Game: makes the onboarding process for new employees more interactive and reduces the onboarding time necessary to get them up to the level required. Click here for more information and to watch an explanation of our Rookie Game;
  • The Medior Game: supports colleague development by strengthening knowledge and challenging their performance via effective coaching;
  • The Master Game: presents experienced colleagues with new challenges, trains them to become coaches and supports their personal development.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like more information about any of our employability games.

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