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Do you also believe in the power of Gamification? Do you see your clients considering to implement Gamification in their business processes? And do you see a nice (advisory) role for yourself in this? Then we would like to invite you to investigate a possible collaboration.

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Our Gamification-approach

Gamification is a powerful way to achieve sustainable behavioral change. It is therefore the pre-eminent method for improving the way people learn, perform and work together. Where Gamification often is only available to large companies with a lot of expertise and large budgets, AtHand stands for an affordable and scalable approach.

To make Gamification more accessible, we developed the ACE! Platform – a modular, cloud-based Game solution with a variety of tools and Gameplay. Within this platform, the various Game elements can be easily adapted to the ambitions, systems and goals of your customers. ACE! offers game and content management tooling, comprehensive reporting and every software module needed to create fun and effective games.

Our partners

AtHand collaborates with selected partners who are engaged in knowledge acceleration for a smooth implementation. These include education company Tele’Train, consulting firm MLC and management support specialist Oculus Insights.

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Tele’Train is known as one of the highest quality providers of Blended Learning programs and provides training for e-learning developers. AtHand’s ACE! Platform is easy to link to the Tele’Train platform, where the game platform refers users to relevant e-learning modules and assigns scores for completing them. The WFT Academy is a good example of this collaboration.

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MLC is a renowned consulting firm in the domain of Customer Excellence. They are transforming organizations by setting up high quality customer journeys and continuous improvement processes. Gamification is used as a tool to let employees contribute to the improvement and acceleration of the transformation. Result: loyal, enthusiastic customers and employees!

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Oculus Insights provides management support and educational programs for veterinary practices and industries in Europe, North America and Canada. Blended learning and change programs, aimed at improving collaboration, personal resilience and communication skills, are connected and strengthened by gamification.

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What’s in it for you?

  • You are in control. Would you like to enrich one or more of your own processes with Gamification? Or would you rather act as an independent partner of AtHand? It’s up to you.
  • Share in the profits. You share in the license income! Every year as long as your customer purchases our licenses. This is how you build up recurring revenues in your business model.
  • We provide you with personalized (digital) marketing material with information about our Gamification method.
  • If you wish, you will receive intensive guidance to ensure that you are independently capable of rolling out and guiding Gamification processes. We can train one or more of your employees to become a Game Master, in order to set up Games independently.