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Play to… Perform & Change


In an environment that’s changing at an ever-faster rate, it’s important to adjust your processes, introduce new systems and digital tooling and focus on the introduction of a ‘new approach’. But how do you get your employees on board? How do you make sure that they understand not only what and why things are changing, but also create a positive attitude and, even more of a challenge, help your employees to adjust their behaviour and develop skills?

AtHand Performance Games will help you to:

  • Effectively influence the knowledge, skills, attitude and behaviour of employees and focus on achieving measurable results;
  • Provide guidance and inspiration and, by doing this, allow employees to take ownership of improvement and change processes;
  • Challenge players to work towards the achievement of a clear goal, step by step; make change, learning and experimentation specific, in a way that is safe, relevant and fun.

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