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Performance Game

Strengthens learning and change programmes

“It works like a booster on existing learning tools.”

The AtHand Performance Game strengthens your employees’ learning and change programmes. Learning and performance become more effective by converting scores from existing audits, reports or other KPIs into points for the game. Our user-friendly coaching and reporting tool enables us to help managers steer specifically and positively towards the improvement of knowledge, competencies, skills, behaviour and tangible results. The Performance Game:


  • Boosts the effect of existing learning tools like training courses, e-learning and on-the-job coaching;
  • Makes learning and performance more effective and enjoyable by converting scores from existing audits, reports or other KPIs into game points;
  • Accelerates and strengthens improvement and change programmes.

Performance Game Workshop

Are you curious what the Performance Game can mean for your organization? Come to our Gamification Workshop! In a short period of time we teach you the principles and do’s and don’ts of Gamification. After this, you can start building your own version of the Performance Game for your organization!

After the workshop you have your own demo version of the Performance Game that you can test within your own organization.


Univé Champs Performance Game 1

Univé Champs Performance Game 2

Serious Game - PWC - Start Up 1

Serious Game - PWC - Start Up 2