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The Power of Process
It’s important to everyone here at AtHand that our games are successful. We do our utmost to help clients achieve success – preferably of a truly spectacular nature, but specific and measurable at the very least. To achieve this ambition, we provide expertise, experience, a unique and proven approach and, of course, the software required. Each gamification process is guided by one of our gamification consultants or project managers and the best result possible is achieved as part of a co-creative process with clients. AtHand takes you ‘by the hand’ and works closely with you to achieve the very best result possible.

“Our project management model consists of a combination of the traditional ‘Prince2 project management method’, supplemented by the best experiences of scrum and agile. We safeguard the frameworks agreed on, while also focusing on the result envisaged as much as possible.” Eric de Vries, Manager of the AtHand Development Team and Scrum Master.

AtHand uses the so-called 6D model (Discover, Define, Design, Develop, Deliver and Deploy) to design and roll out successful games. We implement all six of these steps in close consultation with the client in question. Co-creation enables us to achieve the best result possible and also guarantees that games will be optimally suited to your organisation, people and processes. There’s no need to worry about the software required either; we take care of that. Large organisations structurally use the ACE! Platform at an international level and it is monitored, maintained and improved on a daily basis. So, following an extensive demo and explanation of online tooling, we are able to concentrate fully on your specific goal and organisation. Our aim is to quickly, effectively and reliably achieve an optimal game configuration and an effective roll-out plan.
6D model AtHand

“AtHand always takes full responsibility for the successful implementation of a project, which generates calm and inspires confidence” Ole Hellfritsch, Marketing Manager Benelux & Nordics, Plantronics

The structural use of gamification

Following a ‘proof-of-concept’, many of our clients opt for a structural use of AtHand games in which various goals could be key, depending on whether you want to support an implementation process, improve customer satisfaction, boost sales or help management of a specific department develop as leaders.

Our ACE! platform ensures that it is always easy to configure new games, make changes to game themes and game play and update content. Our gamification consultants are also pleased to take care of everything for you, should you wish. Alternatively, why not have your own Game Manager trained up and use our tooling independently?