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KRO’s Night Of The Proms

“Step inside the world of your favourite programs.”

The KRO, a Dutch public broadcasting company, organized an exceptional day for their members and friends.

A wide variety of international artists perform during Night of the Proms (Ahoy, Rotterdam) and are musically guided by the famous Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

To make the day even more memorable, KRO contacted AtHand to create several stands each with an unique KRO program theme.

We designed and produced a total of 13 stands each representing a program of the KRO.

At the stands, visitors could step inside the world of their favourite programs, and get their picture taken in each specific show-theme.

Each visitor received a personal welfare card with a unique code, on which they ‘collected’ their pictures taken at the Night of the Proms.

The day after, their pictures could be found online separately and montaged in a video with Night of the Proms footage.

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Within 2 hours there were 875 pictures taken and 470 videos made. Afterwards 280 visitors shared their pictures through e-mail. 35 pictures were shared on Twitter, and 410 on Facebook. The 650 members loved it.