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Learning to stay safe in traffic

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Goal: Help food delivery drivers with participating in traffic safely
Target audience: Food delivery drivers from within the NLVVM chains
20.000 Participants


In collaboration with Veilig Verkeer Nederland, AtHand developed a game to instruct food delivery drivers in how to safely participate in traffic. This target audience is on the road more than their average peer, and together with the speed with which they are required to deliver meals, they have a higher risk of encountering dangerous situations in traffic.

The Dutch Association of Food Delivery Services (Nederlandse Vereniging van Maaltijdbezorgers/NLVVM) wants their delivery drivers to safely participate in traffic and be aware of their behaviour with their vehicles. This is of great importance to themselves, their parents, other people on the road, and of course the affiliated food chains.


Thanks to fun social Battles and challenging quizzes, the game was especially developed to involve and engage food delivery drivers in learning tips and tricks about safe driving. While learning by doing, they are further encouraged by having a chance to earn awards and prizes!

Case video

One important aspect to the successful launch of a game is activation of the participants. To boost the number of participants and grow their enthusiasm, AtHand created a kick-off video. In this video, the goal and current situation is made clear. The video also explains the goal of the game itself and the correct way to login to the game.


An increase of knowledge while playing the game


Average rating of the game

High engagement during assignments

Stronger team spirit

The NLVVM game being discussed at Hart van Nederland

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