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Activation - Provada

Almere’s Provada expo

“Starting up in Almere: easy and fun.”

Almere marketing is a regular at the yearly Provada expo, where real estate and business come together to share ideas.

For the 2012 expo, Almere approached AtHand to develop an activation concept that would highlight how customisable and easy it is to set up your business in Almere.

We answered with a complete visual concept for their booth, and an activation to generate traffic. The message: “It’s possible in Almere.”

Showing visitors of the expo that moving your business to Almere is both fun and easy, we translated the message to creating your own cardboard cut out. The booth in itself was designed to look and feel like a cardboard cut out, showing a map of available area’s in Almere on the floor of the booth.

Visitors of the expo were approached by friendly hostesses with a tablet that allowed them to create their own ideal mock up of their business in Almere.

“Hundreds of cut outs were designed and sent to participants,
offering a friendly and relevant follow up after the expo”

Activation - Provada
Activation - Provada
Activation - Provada