The Associates Challenge

“How do you adjust an onboarding program to fit generation Y, a flexible generation with a digital mindset?”

PwC’s digital ambitions, combined with the changing need in learning and development for future employee generations (Y & X) demanded a new approach towards the onboarding program. PwC asked us to help renew and strengthen their Associate Academy through gamification. How can we create a better fit between PwC’s two year program and these future generations? How can we give these new employees more freedom and ownership in terms of their own (personal) development?

The Associates Challenge is a gamified platform that guides newly hired associates in four game sprints through the first two years of their PwC career. The challenge strengthens team building and cooperation with coaches. Furthermore we created various assignments that contribute to their personal development and prepare them for other (offline) components within the Academy. We enlarged the learning effect by integrating knowledge battles and quizzes into the platform.

The PwC Associates Challenge is set up in a modular structure to allow full flexibility and anticipate developments within the organization.

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