Secret Intelligence Service

“After graduating from the 00-Academy, it’s time for the real deal.”

With the launch of their new flagship devices: the Xperia Z5, the Xperia Z5 Compact and the Xperia Compact Bond, Sony asked us to develop an incentive for Dutch retailers. And as they just graduated from the 00-Academy, it was time for the real deal. That’s why we created the Secret Intelligence Service.

The purpose of the SIS was to introduce the new Sony devices and to give the Sony Xperia series a sales boost. In order to achieve this, we added an extra assignment to the sales challenge and asked the team managers to bet on their own target..

The Secret Intelligence Service started just before the new James Bond film SPECTRE premiered in cinemas all around Holland. So, on top of the grand prize for the overall best performing teams, we rewarded the best scoring teams on a weekly basis. These prices were linked to the new Bond phone, and created additional traffic to the stores.

The winners of the SIS where asked to come to Utrecht, without further instructions. On arrival, without knowing, The Game started. The Game is best described as an experience in which reality and fiction cross…

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