“Make sure your Barbarian conducts himself with heart, head and balls!”

The Barbarian Game is an interactive game for T-Mobile in which customer service employees competed against each other. The main objective was to help their customers to the absolute best of their abilities. In such a way that clients received the correct answer more often, had to call back fewer times and truly built a connection with the agent and the brand.

The Barbarian Game consisted of two sprints. During the first sprint players taught their own Barbarian (avatar) the tips and tricks of civilization and trained him to be a call center agent. The employees obtained points by completing knowledge exams, playing knowledge battles against others and improving soft skills (showing empathy and providing the right answer at the first point of contact).

At the start of Sprint 2 the unmannered Barbarians had developed into well behaved agents. All paid great attention to their (soft) skills but had gradually lost something that used to be rooted in their DNA; they offered the best possible service but were scared to propose a sales offer. It was now up to the employees to make sure that the Barbarians handled themselves with their heart, head and balls!
During this sprint, the employees mainly scored points on sales.

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