Map makers society

“The institute of tomorrows greatest cartographers.”

Nokia/Navteq recognised that maps need to offer more information on a broader and deeper level. Nokia/Navteq required modern day cartographers to create such maps.

Faced with the challenge to train and educate these modern day cartographers, Nokia/Navteq approached AtHand to develop a training game that would do exactly that.

We created the Map Makers Society.

In the Map Makers Society, student cartographers were tasked with crowdsourcing information from existing communities, to enrich already mapped areas with points of interest, and fill those with information relevant to map-users around the world.

Every week their tutor would inspire them during the game with mapping tactics used by famous cartographers from the past, like Vespucci or Mercator.

“A training game based around a secret, prestigious society where only the most acclaimed and knowledgeable cartographers are invited to join”

The Map Makers Society was rolled out globally, and was successful in motivating geographical analysts in embracing a new way of working, and applying newly learned skills in their work.

A global network of communities was created, which enriched the Nokia/Navteq maps with masses of POI’s and information.

Additionally, we received an awesome award for it: 2014’s Dutch E-learning Award

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