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Serious game - UPC - The Victors Tournament

UPC’s Victors Tournament

“There’s a victor in everyone”

UPC’s employees received a lot and complex information concerning its new portfolio; telephone, television, cable and fiber. They wanted to spice things up, instead of offering their customer services and retailers a traditional e-learning.

AtHand was challenged to smooth and arrange this information by creating a game.
A game which is applicable to all UPC’s channels and is deployable multiple times.. With an overall goal to increase UPC’s market share within 18 months.

We created a serious game stimulating both their knowledge and skills through battles, exams, learning abilities, achievements, sales boosts and improved service.

The Victors Tournament.

The Victors Tournament revolves around becoming a true Victor, by learning and competing against others. UPC’s personnel is approached by their competitive behavior, their skilled labor and to aim higher and gain more, together.

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The game was introduced in waves of six weeks with stunning results. UPC’s personnel’s knowledge has increased through a total of 148.279 battles and 45.487 exams divided over 1.269 players.

This has led to a significant sales boost and overall improvement in service.

Serious game - UPC - The Victors Tournament
Serious game - UPC - The Victors Tournament
Serious game - UPC - The Victors Tournament