“Though many customers still seek for assistance by visiting the Univé stores in person, the use of online services increases.”

In general it is easier for customers to find the answer to their question online or over the phone than in person in a brick-and-mortar store. This causes Univé to reflect on their store strategy. Which roles should the stores play within the Univé omnichannel landscape? And how can teams deploy a more ‘omnichannel way of working’?

The goal? To create an environment in which users can experiment, implement, measure and evaluate. To gather insights that will help further shape and implement the omnichannel strategy.

The answer

Univé Champs. A gamified project in which we aimed to strengthen omnichannel related knowledge and skills and create a positive attitude towards the omnichannel approach from a store employee perspective. Furthermore we wanted to create a safe environment in which as many omnichannel experiments as possible would be gathered and executed.

During Univé Champs a total of 104 ideas have been gathered, 24 experiments were implemented, and 6751 knowledge battles were played.

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