“Travel back from the year 2047 to 2015 and help Vodafone save the future!”

The telecom market is changing rapidly and demands converged deals, but the Vodafone sales employees where still mobile minded. After the introduction of Thuis, Vodafone noticed that there was a lack of product knowledge about the product and therefore Thuis was not proactively offered by all employees. That’s why, in collaboration with Vodafone, we created Timechasers, an incentive for Dutch retailers and call centre agents. We asked them to take on the role of Morty, pimp up their Delorean, and travel back in time to help Vodafone.

This video was shown during a spectacular event, where Timechasers was introduced to all retailers. We helped them create their own version of Morty and gave them a special drink from the future.
Shortly after this event, the game was on!

The story of Timechasers was told in six episodes in which we have integrated the current challenges of Vodafone. Every episode ended with an exam, consisting of 10 multiple-choice questions about Thuis, the market & competition, the proposition, good sales skills and providing service. In addition, they could challenge participants from other teams for a knowledge battle.

With an overall goal to not only improve knowledge, but also increase sales and change their attitude towards Thuis, we also included game elements such as sales challenges, cancel rate rewards and achievements.

At the end of the game, 93% reported that their Vodafone Thuis knowledge has improved. 92% is looking forward to a sequel.

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