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Rookie Game

Reducing the time of onboarding

“The Rookie Game reduces thee training time of new employees!”

We have developed the Rookie Game with the aim of onboarding new employees better and bringing them up to the level required faster. The Rookie Game ensures that:

  • Players perform better in a shorter space of time;
  • Players enjoy their work even more;
  • Players are able to translate company culture into specific behaviour faster;
  • Your existing knowledge, coaching and information resources are deployed more effectively.

In the Rookie Game, skills and measurable parameters like customer satisfaction, sales, quality and/or other KPIs of new employees are converted into points. By awarding extra points for KPIs that an employee hasn’t mastered properly yet, the game focuses on individual learning needs. This makes the onboarding process more structured, more effective and more enjoyable too.

“At the end of the game, knowledge was improved in 93% of sales staff. 92% looks forward to the sequel.”

Rookie Game Workshop

Are you curious what the Rookie Game can mean for your organization? Come to our Gamification Workshop! In a short period of time we teach you the principles and do’s and don’ts of Gamification. After this, you can start building your own version of the Rookie Game for your organization!

After the workshop you have your own demo version of the Rookie Game that you can test within your own organization.