Sales Game

With our Sales Game you’ll efficiently support product launches, improve the use of CRM tooling and boost cross-sale and upsell skills, lead generation and conversion rates. And they’re measurable and fun too. Participants will be able to translate their new knowledge and skills into actual sales objectives. Sales Games will help you to:

  • Teach employees new (product) knowledge and relevant skills; all part of an interactive approach;
  • Experience the improvement of sales skills in a game context, in a way that is inspirational, with clear goals and rules, safe and with a competitive element;
  • Challenge players to work towards the achievement of a specific sales target, step by step.

We focus directly on behaviour, using a very scalable method that can be rolled out in just six weeks. You can’t get better than that!

Experience our Sales Game 

Interested in finding out what our Sales Game can do for you? Join our Gamification Workshop! In just a few hours you’ll gain the insights and practical experience necessary to be able to start to utilise Gamification for your own business. As a matter of fact, you’ll build your own Sales Game, for testing purposes within your organisation. 

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