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Want to boost your sales figures? AtHand’s Sales Gamification software improves your sales team’s cross-selling and upselling skills, increases quality leads and increases conversion. This makes it the ideal solution for companies that want to generate more turnover in the short term and build a long-term, high-performing sales culture.

Accessible sales Gamification software

Do you have the impression that Gamification is expensive, complex and difficult to implement? At AtHand we prove the opposite. Accessibility is the top priority with our sales Gamification software.

We use standard software to deliver Sales Games with custom content. The Game is rolled out with a theme that suits your organization, and with a seamless integration of the most important KPIs. This enables us to develop unique and effective Games that are fully in line with your sales and revenue goals.

As the Game does not need to be built from scratch, you don’t have to deal with high development costs and long development times.

“AtHand Sales Games stimulate the sales spirit of your sales team to build a long-lasting, high-performing sales culture.”

How our sales Gamification software works

 Our sales Gamification software is based on the following principles:

1.    Formulating sales goals

A successful Gamification process starts with a clear demarcation of your sales objectives. In this context, AtHand has developed several gaming applications aimed at increasing sales. This includes goals such as increasing cross-selling and upselling skills, generating more (qualitative) leads and improving the use of CRM tooling.

2.    Defining and integrating measurable KPIs

Measurement is knowledge. Our sales Gamification software enables you to monitor the progress of the learning and development goals from start to finish. Are there sales goals you want to work towards? Define relevant KPIs on the basis of which you normally assess your employees, such as the number of completed sales calls, booking sales meetings, achieving sales quotas and the length of the sales cycle, and have these KPIs as the themes of the Game.

3.   Choosing a matching interface

AtHand has developed three easy-to-configure types of Games aimed at:

  • boosting sales
  • supporting product launches
  • improving commercial skills and results

The Knowledge Game, Battle Game and Sales Battle Game each offer a choice of multiple inspiring storylines to make learning, developing and increasing sales performance more fun and effective.

4.   Realizing growth through real-time performance management

Real-time performance management enables close monitoring of progress on the sales KPIs, both per individual user and at the meta level. And it doesn’t stop there; the self-learning algorithms of our Games immediately identify for each individual where the bottlenecks lie and where the learning needs are greatest. This information leads to a personalized learning path, which guides users wholly autonomously towards expanding the required knowledge and skills.

This self-guiding principle means that there is no need for continuous 1-on-1 guidance from managers in order to roll out training effectively, and you can quickly and easily scale up within sales departments.


Which Game elements contribute to sales success?

AtHand sales Games include various game elements that stimulate the sales mentality of your employees and thus contribute to sales success:

  • Competitive rankings. It’s not only managers who have insight into the progress of the Game, but colleagues also see one another’s development by means of game scores on leader boards. This transparency provides a drive to continue to improve both our own scores and those of colleagues. The rankings themselves feed the social status in the group and form a symbolic prize for the winner or the winning team. This recognition has a particularly motivating effect and encourages healthy competition;
  • Link to CRM tooling. In order to receive game scores, participants need to have a good command of the CRM system and/or other sales software. Because the Game actively responds to these skills, the acceptance and ease of use of these technologies is increased and internal business processes are systematically improved even after completion of the Game.
Onze methodiek

“Met het openbaar maken van successen transformeer je de kortetermijnacties van de deelnemers in langetermijnwaarden.”

Sales Games that adapt to market developments

Working within the dynamics of sales environments requires a high adaptive capacity of both organizations and their employees. The Games of AtHand meet this need. Once the Game has been set up, it can be extended to other game concepts and/or learning objectives with a number of small adaptations. The content within the modules can be amended, so you always stay up-to-date with the latest market developments.

Linking to existing systems

Are you already using existing reporting systems, e-learning platforms and/or Single-Sign-On solutions? We ensure seamless integration with the Game Interface. In general, these are custom-made projects that we can realize within a few weeks.

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