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Sales Game

Increase Sales

“Increase sales in your organization? Give a boost on cross sell, upsell and support product introductions.”

Armed with our Sales Game, you will support product launches and boost cross sell and upsell, the generation of leads or the improvement of conversion. Players of the Sales Game will perform better, enjoy their work more and have the ability to translate the knowledge and skills acquired into specific sales goals. We do this by:


  • Providing players with the knowledge and skills they will need to make a sale;
  • Adding a slight competitive element to sales, creating winners, but making sure that employees don’t feel like losers;
  • Helping players translate the knowledge and skills they gain into specific sales goals;
  • Making it fun, relevant and safe to demonstrate these skills in practice too.

“Sales employees help to understand and appreciate fiber optics to generate a significant sales boost. This led to winning the 2014 Dutch Game Award.”

Sales Game Workshop

Are you curious what the Sales Game can mean for your organization? Come to our Gamification Workshop! In a short period of time we teach you the principles and do’s and don’ts of Gamification. After this, you can start building your own version of the Sales Game for your organization!

After the workshop you have your own demo version of the Sales Game that you can test within your own organization.





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