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Serious Game - KPN - The Fiber Game - Winner Dutch Game Awards 2014

Video production

The way to transfer information and emotion to your audience.

Since 2003 AtHand has produced a wide range of video’s for leading brands in the Netherlands. Our videos are always part of a bigger picture. That is why we look beyond the video itself. We help the customer from defining the concept and storyboard towards the final edit itself.

Video is an excellent way to transfer information and emotion to your target audience. By adding humour to the storyline, the film becomes an experience on its own. We create videos for storytelling, corporate communication, product launches, trainings and content marketing.

The video below shows the Vodafone Timechasers case.

Brandfilms, serious gaming, animation, product videos and commercials.

Commercials and promo’s

Bind and steer the audience towards the desired direction.

People change, organizations change, needs change. Binding the audience to your brand and steering them in the right direction is tough. By combining product information with a strong visual and auditory experience, with humour as key-ingredient, you can really bring your message across.

Instructions and trainings

Challenge people and strengthen your development program.

Use instruction and training videos to strengthen the learning and development program. Use fun, informing and challenging videos to create trainings and give instructions, which you can follow anywhere and anytime.


Create fans!

AtHand was founded in 2003 as an activation bureau. Nowadays, we have performed hundreds of activation projects. In our experience, regardless of your audience, what people say about your brand is determined by the offered experience. We, as consumers, employees, partners, people need experiences to become fan. Enhance your activation campaign with a well-thought video and make the experience linger!


Create an unique storyline.

Roughly speaking, animation videos can bring every message across in an appropriate manner. Animation makes your story visual and helps to bring the message across. We help you define the concept, write the script and produce the film.


Inquisitive about our video production?