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Power of play

Remember playing football at school, pretending to be Johan Cruyff?
Remember how proud you felt, playing chess and beating your granddad the first time?
What about that feeling of connection with family and friends playing board games on a winter evening?
Did you ever witness the focus and energy of elderly people playing bridge?
What about betting with your colleagues on your favourite team in the World Cup?
Or have you watched kids, playing all kinds of computer games, solo or with new, online friends, around the globe, beating the virtual enemy together?

If you recognise some of these examples, you have felt the Power Of Play.

We are AtHand and it is our mission to bring the Power Of Play to your organisation. Not just for the fun of it. We are here to help you create better, measurable results, using Play as a most powerful instrument.

We look forward helping you to reach your target audience and create traffic, both on- and offline and to build hot lead databases.

We bring you powerful, gamified tools, for reaching out to your people for understanding the ins and outs of your products and services and to sell more of them.

We have lots of experience delivering games, which improve performance. Within your own teams or working with external partners, sales or service channels.

And we have a strong track record helping organisations to change. In the way people work, in learning new skills and in coaching and supporting each other.

AtHand helps you to let people ACT differently. Providing you with playful but solid business tools.

Check our portfolio, get in touch with us and be surprized how the Power Of Play can help you getting even better results.

Gamification Cases

Serious Game - Nokia - Map Makers Society
Serious Game - Nokia - Map Makers Society

The Map Makers Society


Serious Game - Nokia - Map Makers Society
Serious Game - KPN - The Fiber Game
Serious Game - KPN - The Fiber Game

The Fibergame


Serious Game - KPN - The Fiber Game
Serious Game - LG - Battle of the Stars
Serious Game - LG - Battle of the Stars

Battle of the Stars


Serious Game - LG - Battle of the Stars